Vision: To be the most trusted construction and handymen services company for the people of South Africa.

Mission: To perform construction and renovation services at the highest level of excellence at an affordable cost.

Our story: The company was founded by an entrepreneur who spent a number of years in the humanitarian industry. After being touched by the scourge of unemployment (as could be seen in street corners and surroundings of hardware stores, etc.) and in some instances even exploitation of these workers, most of whom are highly skilled, hardworking and honest individuals, the founder felt a need to establish TTS Construction & Handymen Services Company under the overriding theme of “the people’s company”.

The company recognised the needs of the growing middle class in construction, renovations and clean-up services area. TTS Construction and Handymen Services seek to provide these services at the highest level of excellence and quality handicraft, at very competitive pricing.

The people’s company is not only geared towards meeting the needs of customers at lowest price possible, but also to conduct a business model that ensures staff is empowered and share in the profits through various schemes that will unfold as business grows and matures.


Excellence: Even though TTS is a small company we pride ourselves in carrying out handicraft work that is of highest quality.

Hardworking: Our staff has over 30 years’ experience in construction work.

Honesty and Integrity: Our staff members are hand-picked individually and vetted for criminal record. In that regard, customers can rest assured that their families are safe and secure.